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Soccer For Hope is a non-profit organization founded by Oliver and Jamie Wyss in 1998. Oliver is a former professional soccer player and survivor of a non-cancerous illness, Aplastic Anemia, thanks to a bone marrow transplant. The organization has been driven by their goal to raise desperately needed funds and awareness for children with life threatening diseases. Years later their own young children, Hudson and Abella, were BOTH diagnosed with very rare cancerous brain tumors. After battling multiple recurrences and secondary cancers both children lost their lives; Hudson at age 3 and Abella at age 11. These precious children have faced an unimaginable journey and all along have taught us the definition of true courage and bravery by accepting their challenges.

No child should ever face cancer! These difficult times have honed the vision for Soccer For Hope to focus on childhood cancer research, awareness and essential family support. Since its inception, Soccer For Hope has benefitted thousands of children and their families across the U.S. In the last 18 years they have raised over $2.5 million dollars for hospitals and foundations nationwide. They host a variety of events from soccer camps & inspiration walks to gala dinners & movie screenings. Their hope is to continue these efforts along with raising awareness for the many orphan cancers that receive little or no funding.

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To read more about Hudson & Abella’s journey go to: www.hudsonandabella.org

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